We guide dayhikes exclusively. We’re available spring and fall. Our spring season is usually mid-March through early June. Our fall season is typically mid-September through early December. We do not guide in summer (mid-June, July, August) because it's too hot for our guests' comfort and safety.


The farther ahead you book, the more likely we'll be available on the dates of your choice. Some of our guests reserve six months in advance. This ensures they can also obtain optimal accommodation, which — in tiny, Boulder, Utah — is limited and fills up far in advance.  But we welcome you to get in touch with us even on short notice: UtahSlickrockGuides@gmail.com, or (435) 335-7544.


Depending on time of year, group size, and the specific route you and we have chosen, one or two of us will guide you on shorter hikes, two of us will guide you on longer hikes. Either way, our fee remains the same. We prefer to guide no more than six guests at a time. This affords you greater serenity. And it enables us to give each guest our attention, ensuring everyone’s safety and enjoyment.


Group size and the route we’ve chosen will also determine how many vehicles we need. It’s possible we’ll need your vehicle as well as ours to drive to a trailhead or arrange a shuttle. But we’ll ask you to drive (a) only if it’s necessary, (b) only where you’ll be comfortable behind the wheel, and (c) only on roads posing no risk to your vehicle.


You’ll bring your own gear and clothing, but we’ll advise you on what you will and won’t need. You’ll also bring your own water, snacks and lunch. That way you’re sure to enjoy drinking and eating as much as you need and want. But we’ll counsel you on this, too, because hydration and nutrition are critical to successfully completing an adventurous dayhike.


Single Dayhike


         4 hours

             $275 for 2 hikers  /  $325 for 3 hikers  /  $375 for 4 hikers


         5 to 6 hours

             $375 for 2 hikers  /  $475 for 3 hikers  /  $575 for 4 hikers


         6 to 8 hours

             $500 for 2 hikers  /  $600 for 3 hikers  / $750 for 4 hikers


Full Week of Dayhiking


We’ll guide you on five dayhikes. Together, you and we will select each route according to your interests and capabilities. Two of the hikes will be a maximum of four to six hours long. Three of the hikes will be a maximum of six to eight hours long. Overall hiking time (not including driving to/from trailheads) will average as much six hours per day — or less, if you prefer. Regardless how athletic or ambitious you are, this will be a week of vigorous hiking, twice alleviated by rest days.


                             group size               price per person        

                               6 hikers                        $650

                               5 hikers                        $700

                               4 hikers                        $750

                               3 hikers                        $850

                               2 hikers                       $1000


That’s only $130 per person per day (group of six), or $150 per person per day (group of four), for a full week of guided hiking through spectacular, perplexing backcountry, on primo routes that would be exasperating or impossible for most visiting hikers to find and navigate on their own.




If you make a reservation a month or more before your scheduled hiking time with us, we’ll accept a check, money order, or cashier’s check. Make it payable to Utah Slickrock Guides. Mail it to PO Box 1301, Boulder, Utah, USA, 84716. Or you can wire it to us. We do not accept payment by credit card.


If you arrange to hike with us on short notice, we request you pay us in cash when we meet in person. You’ll find an ATM in Escalante, but not in Boulder.


If you want to hike with us for a week, it’s essential you book with us months in advance, so we can help you arrange accommodation, and so we can confidently tell other prospective guests we’re not available on the dates you've reserved. 


Once you’ve reserved dates with us, we’ll email you a Booking Form, a Waiver of Liability, and a Non-Disclosure Form. As soon as possible, please complete these and return them to us via email.

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