Welcome to Boulder, Utah: slickrock hiking capital

of planet earth.

As you swoop into Boulder on Hwy 12, you’re entering the last town in the U.S.

to have mail delivered by mule. That’s because it was unreachable by car until long after cars were common elsewhere.


The highway wasn’t completed until 1940 and wasn’t entirely paved until 1971. Today, Boulder is the farthest hamlet from

a U.S. interstate. And its continued isolation is assured, because a great wilderness wraps around it, including Grand Staircase—Escalante National Monument.


This nearly 1.9-million-acre monument is fissured with chasms, lacerated by canyons, imbued with every color in the red-rock palette, and studded with arches, natural bridges, domes, reefs, buttes, and hoodoos. It's also pounded by year-round sunshine, blessed with profound serenity, and infused with the mystery of an ancient culture. Because slickrock is pervasive here, on-foot exploration opportunities are infinite, always fascinating, often blissful.


Welcome to Boulder, Utah—slickrock hiking capital of planet earth, and home of Utah Slickrock Guides. We live here because we love it here. Let us show you why.

Skip Utah's crowded, noisy, national parks.

Explore dramatic canyon-country wilderness in solitude and serenity.

        What our guests have said…

The Londons

“We truly enjoyed our day with you. We felt we were with friends. We shared, learned and laughed with you in one of the most gorgeous spots on earth. We will treasure our day with you always. With gratitude, Howard & Debbie"

Danelle Hames

“We certainly feel we’ve had a fantastic introduction to Grand Staircase— Escalante after a week of hiking with you. The routes you picked were so varied, each had something special to make it exceptional. And having all those places to ourselves, with no other hikers, made us feel you'd truly taken us beyond the guidebooks. Thank you!”

Rod & Margaret Fram

“Thank you for the wonderful and memorable time. We enjoyed getting to know you all. I appreciate your attention to details and inclusivity in activities and conversations. Your joy of being in the wilderness is contagious.”

Matt Law

“Thank you for sharing your passion for nature and for inviting us into your wilderness sanctuary. Your enthusiasm, adaptability, and knowledge helped make this a truly memorable experience.”

Cairns don't cut it out here.

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