Hiking with Utah Slickrock Guides, it'll be just you, your friends & family, nobody else. Staying 6 to 8 feet apart is easy outdoors. You'll enjoy fresh air, sunshine, & now more precious than ever: solitude & serenity.

Beyond reach of guidebook descriptions are marvels unpublicized.

We're the authors of Hiking from Here to Wow: Utah Canyon Country. Though it details 90 premier hikes, it's merely an introduction. Since writing the book, we've trekked far beyond. The new routes we’ve decrypted would be sensational if publicized. Yet their tranquility would be shattered. So we'll never tell. But we will show, because the joy, wonder and exhilaration we’ve experienced here deserves to be shared. That's why we guide hikers in Grand Staircase—Escalante National Monument. We invite you to join us. Our cross-country dayhikes will rank among the prized few that inspire you forever.

Keen to hike? Get in touch.

You're welcome to phone us at (435) 335—7544, but email is always the best: UtahSlickrockGuides@gmail.com. We'll respond asap in writing and arrange a time to talk.


— Skye & Craig

Utah Slickrock Guides

Utah Slickrock Guides

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